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On the Verge: Epiphanies on the Commuter Belt (2010)

<em>On the Verge</em> is a collaborative project with writer John Douglas Millar. It imagines a psychogeography of the financial district of London to suggest the possible effects of the architecture of power upon the individual human psyche. As Susan Sontag remarked, in the contemporary city where we are over-stimulated to the point of hysteria, two options seem to remain: the schizoid fracturing of our mental processes or a cold impenetrable cynicism. <em>On the Verge</em> longs for transcendence, a moment of wholeness, or a moment of divine madness in a world in which, as Eliot wrote in <em>The Waste Land</em>, the best we can hope for is to shore ourselves “against these ruins.”

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Im a Chilean born, London based visual artist and researcher.

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