I am a Chilean born, London based artist and researcher working with photography and exploring geopolitical power dynamics in minerals, geographies and historical narratives. My interconnected research projects involve extensive fieldwork, investigative analysis, visual documentation and critical writing into sites and materials of symbolic significance. I engage with images as political mediator of conflict. I develop collaborative working methodologies with local actors such as activists, artists and writers. My work is distributed through exhibitions, public events, publications and online platforms.

I was awarded a practice-based PhD in 2016 from the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Brighton. My thesis titled 'The Copper Geographies of Britain and Chile: A Photographic Study of Mining' is part of 'Traces of Nitrate: Mining History and Photography between Britain and Chile', a research project developed in collaboration with Art and Design Historian Louise Purbrick and photographer Xavier Ribas, which has been funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

I am currently studying the impact of extractive industries in the Nordic Countries.

Link to Traces of Nitrate

I am part of the following networks:
Arte Sur
Temporal School of Experimental Geography (TSOEG)
Ph: The Photography Research Network