2017 — Online publication. Fototazo, Colombia

Fototazo Online publication 20 April 2017 Fototazo_April fototazo has asked a group of 50 curators, gallery owners, blog writers, photographers, academics and others actively engaged with Latin American photography to pick two early career photographers whose work deserves recognition. This project aims to highlight great work being made in the region today and also to provide a starting point in both English and Spanish for exploring contemporary Latin American photography. LatAm f100 is a collaboration between fototazo and the photographer and educator Jaime Permuth. The series ‘Hidden Circuits’ (2015), developed as part of ‘Copper Geographies’, was selected Marta Dahó. ‘Ignacio Acosta, with Copper Geographies, has developed a very meaningful project, for the geopolitical reflections he contributes as well as for the questions he poses regarding the challenges that photographers must confront in order to work on the drastic and dramatic transformations that a given territory experiences. How to photograph the interdependence of geographically distant events that occur almost simultaneously including such diverse realities as: labor, ecologies, social elements, politics…? With subtlety, but forcefulness, Acosta’s work provides significant insight to the link between the effects of extractive industries and our way of moving and communicating with each other; dealing with the opacities of a system marked by the laws of the Capitalocene, despite the evident limits of the photographic medium’. Marta Dahó. Link to online publication
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Im a Chilean born, London based visual artist and researcher. My practice explores and reflects on the geo-political power dynamics in mineral industries, geographies and historical narratives. My interconnected research projects involve extensive historical research, fieldwork, the collection of archival materials, new photographic documentation with large format cameras and diverse forms of mapping. My work develops using site-specific working methodologies.