2018 — Symposium ‘Mutating Ecologies In Contemporary Art’, MACBA, Barcelona

Mutating Ecologies In Contemporary Art, MACBA, Barcelona Symposium Litte ja Goabddá [Drones and Drums] 21 February Ignacio_sapmi Image courtesy of MACBA, 2018 The Mutating Ecologies In Contemporary Art symposium questions what role could philosophy play to the challenges posed by climate change, resource depletion and the diverse political and cultural crises our societies face in the 21st Century? How to identify the toxic effects of the logic of advance capitalism and neoliberal globalization in a cognitive, social and structural level? What kind of narratives, cartographies and figurations account for the fractures and contradictions of our times? How to reinvent subjectivity when trying to make it compatible with mutating universes of value? How can art, cultural becomings and institutional practice be thought in terms of environmental sustainability in the postnatural and posthuman, technologically-mediated era of the Anthropocene. Organised by Art, Globalization, Interculturality research group of the Universitat de Barcelona. Link to symposium
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Im a Chilean born, London based visual artist and researcher. My practice explores and reflects on the geo-political power dynamics in mineral industries, geographies and historical narratives. My interconnected research projects involve extensive historical research, fieldwork, the collection of archival materials, new photographic documentation with large format cameras and diverse forms of mapping. My work develops using site-specific working methodologies.