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Mapping Domeyko

A collaborative research project developed with Jakub Bojczuk.

A citizen of the world, Ignacy Domeyko (1802-1889) was born in Niedzwiadka Wielka within the Russian partition of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and lived most of his life in his adopted Chile. Domeyko has a blurred national identity between Belarus, Chile, Lithuania and Poland. He is famous for his achievements in mineralogy and education and respected for his modest approach to living. Domeyko fought for the inclusivity and protection of indigenous communities.

'Mapping Domeyko' is a visual arts project inspired by the expeditions of Ignacy Domeyko. Based on 'My Travels' (Diaries in Exile), the project explores Domeyko’s global movements. It builds an eclectic visual archive that speaks about the relationship between history, mineralogy and migration, including drawings, historical photographs, objects and new photographic series.

'Mapping Domeyko' will be exhibited at Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk, Poland in December 2017.

Link to Jakub's blog 'Mapping Domeyko in Paris'