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Mapping Domeyko

Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk, Poland

5 December 2017 – 28 January 2018.
A project developed in collaboration with Jakub Bojczuk.

Ignacy Domeyko was born on 31 July 1802 in Niedźwiadka Wielka (in present day Belarus), and died on 23 January 1889 in Santiago, Chile. His life and career can be described as typical in terms of the biography of a landowner born in the annexed territories, who had no choice but to emigrate. Domeyko was born in Kresy Wschodnie (Eastern Borderlands), in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, studied in Vilnus, where he was a member of the Philomath Society, was friends with the poet Adam Mickiewicz, participated in the November Uprising. After the collapse of the uprising, he emigrated to Prussia, and later to France, where he completed graduate studies in mining. In winter of 1838, he left for Chile to take up the post of lecturer in chemistry and study the geology of the country.

“Mapping Domeyko” is an attempt to reconstruct the adventures and endeavours of Ignacy Domeyko. The project speaks about the relationship between history, geology and migration.

Based on his diaries “Moje podróże (Pamiętnik wygnańca)” / “My Travels: Memoirs of an Exile”, from 2014-2017, Jakub Bojczuk I travelled to Argentina, Belarus, Chile, France, Lithuania and Poland. During these trips, we collected archival materials and produced new works, including, drawings, maps, moving images, photographs, performances, objects, and writings.